Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Recipe book: Bread

I love this book!! It was originally written in Japanese and my version is the Chinese translated version. I'm not sure if you can tell from the cover, but the book name is something along the lines of "Bread that taste good andwon't make you fat!", and the cover explains why as well -all bread are "non butter non oil", explains it all!!

On the bottom you also see how they have cut down the calorie content of one of their breads. They actually have a calorie analysis for all of their recipes which is really nice :)

Another reason why I love this recipe book is because they use normal ingredients. Usually if you get calorie reduced foods, they tell you to use low fat margarine, or aritificial sugar or egg substitute, but this does not use any of these. There's four chapters:
  1. Water as the liquid
  2. Milk as the liquid
  3. Egg as the liquid
  4. Milk & egg as the liquid
and obviously they are in order of increasing caloric content.

What surprised me the most was that they managed to make fat reduced croissants!! Croissants made with yogurt instead of butter!! Must try!!

They're so cute!!

Yoghurt :O

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